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>> good afternoon, everyone. we begin with breaking news in northwest washington. firefighters onset of a clash between a fire engine and a metro bus. >> a very active crash scene
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here at 14th and madison streets in far of the northwest d.c.. you can see behind me a fire truck has slammed into the side of a metro bus. we understand the fire truck was responding to a call about 10:00 this morning, traveling east on madison and apparently went through the south side, striking the metro bus broadside. as many as 22 people have been taken to area hospitals to be checked out. we are told none of the injuries is life-threatening. mostly back and neck injuries and some cuts and bruises. among those 22, four firefighters also taken to the hospital. according to witnesses, the fire truck did have its siren on. there is no explanation for how the accident occurred, but we understand from investigators that it is a very active investigation. they are trying to determine what transpired or who was at fault. again, collision between a fire
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truck and metro bus. as many as 22 people taken to the hospital but no life- threatening injuries. >> that is the good news. thank you very much for the latest there in d.c. meanwhile, the big news of the day. democratic shakeup in the district. grsay won 52% of the vote, defeating incumbent may adrian fenty. i understand he is about to speak today. >> that is right. you can see over my left shoulder there is a crowd gathering. they are waiting for vinson agreed to take the podium. he is poised to be d.c.'s next mayor. his victory speech last night, he said the election outcome sends a strong message from d.c. residents. they want more respect and war engagement from city leaders. -- more respect and more engagement. speaking to an enthusiastic
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crowd of supporters, he said he is ready to take the house and follow through on his campaign promise to make washington, d.c., one city. ammonal is time for us to look forward. -- >> now is time for us to look forward. >> he gave some verbal jabs toward his former challenger. >> we will work to restore your trust in city government. >> we can see vincent gray over my shoulder getting ready to talk. let's get ready to listen in. >> lorraine green, who has been such a stalwart in our campaign. [applause] i see one of our candidates also here, ron brown. i want to thank him for being here last night and also today. thank you very much for being here. i want you to know how humble i
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am with the victory last night and with the trust that has been vested in me by the voters. as someone who is a native washingtonian, a product of its public schools, a graduate of george washington university, and having been here all my life, it really gets no better than being able to have the confidence of the people who i have lived with my entire life to be able to lead this city. the first thing i want to do is thank the people of the district of columbia for the confidence they have demonstrated in me by yesterday's election. secondly, i want to once again as we did last night see an offensive. i want to thank mayor fenty for his service. he is a native washingtonian, and i do not have any doubt that the mayor deeply cares for the
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city, and i know he has put his heart and soul in running the city in the last four years. i had a chance to talk with the mayor, and he pledged 100% support to be able to help us make a smooth transition. i had wonderful conversations with him, and i look forward to working with him as we move forward into a transition, which will probably not formally take place until after the general election. i realize also we had a great deal of work ahead of us. lots of people voting for me, and there were lots of people who did not vote for me. one of the things most important to me is to be able to work to earn the support of those people who did not vote for us in the election, and i will spend the next seven weeks between the primary and general
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election reaching out to the voters, especially those people who may not have voted for us. going across the city, we will probably do a series of town hall meetings so we can hear from people, and not just democrats, that we can hear from republicans and independents because i believe in my heart in one city, and i believe that whether people voted for me or not, they care deeply about this city, and i want to try to engage them in how we bring the city together to move forward. i really believe that everybody needs a voice in the district of columbia, and there should be a role for everybody. in a much smaller way, this is exactly how we have tried to operate the council. we have every member and chaired a committee on the council, got them involved in the activities of the legislative body, the activities of the city, and have
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everybody feel like they had a role, and that is exactly what i want to do with our citizens. let me assure everybody also that we will not be turning back and the clocks on school reform. we will be moving full speed ahead. as a product of the public schools, who has seen the good days and bad days in a public education in this city, i am firmly committed to doing what we need to do to move forward for better outcomes for our children. hopefully, no one will forget that i was part of the efforts to move school reform, education reform through the council. i helped to shepherd it through. we got a resounding vote in support of education reform. i think every council member has worked hard in the years and months since to try to move education reform forward. we obviously have a role of
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accountability, of oversight, and look forward to continuing that in the next three months, and then i look forward to working with my colleagues to move forward with education reform. let me reiterate also my own vision for education in the city, and that is a vision that focuses on early childhood education. other early childhood services trying to bring about parity between our charter schools and our d.c. public schools. i talked to my education paper about appointing a commission that within three months of having taken office, they will report back to me on ways in which we can bring about parity and what would be required in order to accomplish that. looking at a special education reform where a judge on private tuition, education, and
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attorney's fees, we are paying more than $250 million at this stage, and i cannot believe the opportunities for savings, not only from a national perspective, but also in terms of providing opportunities for our kids to be as included as they can be in the mainstream of activities in education in the city. and then, of course, continuing to work with our university system. i'm proud that we now have a community college in the city. we dedicated a campus this past saturday. we look forward to the opening of the headquarters of the community college, and we are also looking forward to working with the flagship universities. yes, i look forward to working with byron as well. [laughter] i talked a lot about openness and transparency in city government.
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as you can see, my voice is about gone. we did run a campaign. i feel very strongly about that. i feel strongly about the citizens being able to participate effectively in the government, transparency in our decision making, and people feeling as empowered as they can be. we are a uniquely disenfranchised city here. we do not want to do anything within the city that would leave the message that we are not fully in powering our people. a hallmark of my administration will be open as, transparency, and we will be reaching out to the diverse population we have in our city to try to ensure that they are engaged -- a hallmark of my administration will be openness, transparency. the onus is on me to keep that promise, and i look forward to that, but i also look forward to people holding me accountable as well for fulfilling that promise. in the process, i'm going to ask
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of the people in the city, do not sit on the sidelines. step up. work with me. the door will be open. we will need to work with everybody in order to move the city forward. over the next seven weeks, we have a lot of work ahead of us. we do not know the financial challenges that face the city. we will probably get information from dr. gandhi before the transition is over about the condition of the finances in our city. we know there's a whole because of medicaid projections that now will not materialize. i look forward to talking with him about the condition of commercial real estate taxes in the city, income taxes, and of course, sales taxes. those are the big three. i also look forward to reach a in out tokwame brown, who -- to
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kwame brown, who was sworn on the council when i was. we have enjoyed a really close, working relationship ever since, and i want to extend my congratulations to him for running an outstanding campaign throughout the time that this campaign has unfolded and, frankly, for being an excellent council member. i know that he and i will work together well as council chair and as mayor. are also again want to mention one of the go to people in my campaign has been lorain green -- i also want to mention one of the go-to people in my campaign has been lorraine green. when i ran for council chair, she was the chairman of my campaign. she was chairman of my campaign
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this time, and has been there as a wise and willing adviser as we move through this campaign, and i will be relying heavily upon her to to continue the next seven weeks and then the transition process that will take place thereafter. we will be running a campaign over the course of the next several weeks, and we take absolutely nothing for granted. we are asking those who work with us to stay engaged in that way, and it will be an opportunity for us to continue to get our message out. also, we are going to start retooling the organization for the general election and looking towards a general election. we have a new website -- i'm sure you can appreciate where we got the title from. it has four buttons that can be triggered. one is to learn more about me.
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secondly, if you have an idea that will help our administration be effective, we would like to hear that. for those who might like to serve on a transition committee, you can click that button. then, there is another one that says, "like a job?" california, we are not looking at jobs at this point. we will deal with that after the election in november. i intend to have regular press conferences. i look forward to having weekly press conferences where we talk about the issues. i will be happy to answer questions as best i can, and i think it will facilitate us being able to once again demonstrate that we are committed to an open and transparent administration. i'm sure the press will work hard to help us get the word out what is going on in our
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administration. finally, i want to finish where i started, and that is i want to thank all the people who came together to make this possible. it was a long night last night. there was a celebratory moment, of course, and we have people here in the hotel until the wee hours -- 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning, celebrating what i think was a great victory for the people of the city. i want to thank all of those who came together to make this campaign is successful. we started this journey formally on march 30, and officially had a kick off on april 24. not a great deal of time, but obviously, it was enough time for us to get our message out. but we have much work ahead of us, and that is to work to try to bring the city together. i am going to work to try to on the confidence of those who may not have voted for me, because i know that what we have in common
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is that we love this city and want to work hard to make this the best city it can possibly be in the world. thank you all very much, and i'm going to take a few questions. [applause] >> [inaudible] >> i have actually placed a call to her. i did not get her, but i'm sure she is busy today. but we will talk. i look forward to talking with her very soon. she has a message from me, and i'm absolutely certain that she will get back to me. >> [inaudible] >> no, we are not going to make any personnel decisions at all until after the general election, but i think it is important that she and i begin these conversations now. not only that -- please remember that we have education business to do. she is the chancellor of the schools. in the chair of the council, so
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we have some business to do on education as well, so we will take the opportunity to talk about both of those things. >> [inaudible] >> hopefully, people understand that i am as committed to our children as i possibly could be, but i think all of those decisions will wait until she and i have a chance to sit down. i really want to hear from her. she is committed to our kids as well. the best thing to do is to sit down asap. those are considerations we will talk about and see where we go from there. >> [inaudible]
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>> i'm sure i will get a lot of ideas, and we will consider all of those ideas. i think at the end of the day, those are things i will talk with the chancellor or about, and we will have to figure out what works best not only for us, but what works best for the children. >> [inaudible] >> i got a call from the white house, but i have not heard directly from him.
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>> [inaudible] >> i did not get a sense that the mayor is planning any additional quest for retaining his current seat. what he talked about, frankly, and i appreciated that was doing everything he could to help me and those working with me to see a smooth transition. >> [inaudible] >> i think so. he indicated there was a willingness to do everything possible. i'm going to try to meet with the mayor before the week is out, though. >> [inaudible]
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>> first of all, we have not said of the transition committee. that is something that will unfold in the weeks ahead. as council chair, i will be vitally involved in budget and finance anyway. remember that the budget comes to the committee as a whole, and it is something i worked on from the inception of my role as council chair and will continue to do that. even if i was there, i will have an important role in it, and i will continue to fulfill that as council chair and some unlikely to be the next mayor of the city.
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>> [inaudible] >> first of all, the initiatives we talked about in the various papers that were part of our campaign were designed to help people understand what from the perspective of our campaign was considered important. i continue to feel those things are important, and we talked about a couple of ways, and some of this will be influenced by what kind of news we get from the chief financial officer, but i talked about the fact that we spend over $250 million on special education in terms of private tuition,
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transportation, and attorney's fees. i have to believe there is an opportunity for savings there. and it is more than just financial. it is also being able to educate our kids in the ways that are anticipated. putting them in an inclusive environment where they benefit from the social environment of being around people they are expected to be around for the rest of their lives, so we will look into those opportunities as well. i get a, a lot of this will be affected by what kind of news we get from the chief financial officer, but remember, the council has been incredibly responsive and responsible on budget issues in my opinion. in 2009, we faced a huge reduction in revenue -- twice. we faced $150 million as we went into the summer and then another $190 million next year, on the heels of several hundred million dollars of reductions that preceded that. the council stepped up. we made $80 million in cuts
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during a summer and had another $40 million in enhancement. i look forward to working with my colleagues in the world i have now, which will substantially of the role of moving to the next place. one of the things i will do is make sure that we fully involved kwame brown, who will be the next council chair, and i think that will help us lodge or build the kinds of relationships we need as we work on the financial future of the city. yes, ok. >> [inaudible] [laughter] >> update their what? >> [inaudible] >> oh, their responses. first of all, i have said, and i
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will say again -- the children and the outcomes for our children are the most important factor for me, and i want to do what is best for our children in the district of columbia, and i will continue to be guided by that principle. as far as the board of elections and ethics is concerned, it was a disappointment yesterday. i visited many precincts yesterday. i saw the problems that existed, and there is a lot of work to be done. i look forward to working with the board of elections and ethics. we have a new chair who graciously stepped up and took on this role. a man of distinction and accomplishment. he had been in place barely two months when this election took place, so i look forward to working with the board of elections and ethics to address the problems that occurred yesterday so they do not happen again in the city.
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>> [inaudible] >> i think i have given you the best answer i can at this stage, and that is that i want to do what is best for the children of the city. is there anyone who has not had a chance? all right, alan, go ahead. hold on. hold on. >> [inaudible] >> no, we have not gotten to even a consideration of that address. we have got to put together a structure first, and that, i think you talked about people after that. until you have a structure in place, it is difficult to talk about with the people will be. we are going to do this in organized and systematic way, and it will start with the structure. >> [inaudible] >> [laughter] transition is a process, right, tom? [laughter]
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patrick. >> [inaudible] >> no, i have not spoken to him directly. we will make decisions on all the personnel, but i think i have made my decision clear on the attorney general. the attorney-general has to recognize that her or his client, bear people in the district of columbia, and i do not think that has been evident in the recent past. the attorney general took the position that he represented the mayor, and i think that is a very different position that i have -- and i have. i will take another question. all right, you get the last word.
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>> [inaudible] >> i would say the following, tim, and that is kwame brown has been elected at large. he has represented the entire city since 2005. i have been a council chair. i had to be elected by the entirety of the population of the district of columbia. both of us have represented the entire city, and that is exactly what i intend to do, to represent the entire city. thank you all very much. [applause] >> there you have it, vincent gray, the new democratic candidate for d.c. mayor. with noting, no republicans are set to run against him, so he is virtually issue and to be the next mayor of the district of columbia. he touched on a lot of different topics during his time at the podium.
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many reporters asking about the situation in d.c. schools. he was somewhat vague, did not really commit one way or the other, but did say he would be speaking very soon about her situation, about how to move forward with d.c. public schools and also talked about the economy, talked about the attorney general. we will hear much more from vince grave soon, and he did say he talked to incumbent mayor adrian fenty, and he thinks it went well, so let's talk about that. was a far different mood for adrian fenty. the democratic mayor now out of a job after four years in office. how the mayor and supporters are reacting. >> i did listen in to events gray -- to vince gray, and this conversation very different.
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fenty himself seems very upbeat. as for a political campaign, hindsight is always 20/20. he says as for plans for the future, he does not intend to run for elected office as of yet, but he plans to continue giving back to the district, his home. quarters, there's not much left to salvage. the mayor came out at 11:00 a.m. to give his official speech admitting defeat in a primary by the new democratic nominee, whom he spoke with on the phone minutes earlier. >> i told him first congratulations, both on the victory in itself and for running a very hard and well-fed a just and disciplined campaign. >> fenty also bar gr supportay -- to support -- vowed to

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